When Quidax first launched in 2018, the African crypto exchange was entering a market that was nothing if not volatile.

But with the explosion in popularity of such cryptocurrencies as Dogecoin and Bitcoin, the world of cryptocurrency is a very different one in 2021.

And with this in mind, Quidax — which has already processed more than $3 billion in transactions, as of this writing — is ready to take the exchange global.

In a press release announcement, it was revealed that the African crypto exchange first started thinking about its growth back in February of this year. They noted that they started with 50 customers in 2018, and exponentially exploded to over 400,000 customers in 2021.

“We are set to become the global home of BEP20 tokens. This means that anyone in the world can trade over 100 cryptocurrencies in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem on Quidax,” said Buchi Okoro, the CEO of Quidax, in the press release announcement.

The African crypto exchange has also announced that with its global launch, Quidax will be introducing the world to its proprietary cryptocurrency called QDX.

QDX will be a BEP20 token that will power all the functions within the Quidax ecosystem from trading fees on the exchange, to staking, governance, and all financial products.

“No spoilers but you’ll be able to access everything from loans to savings on Quidax using the token. If you’re a DeFi-er, you’ll also be able to stake QDX tokens and get rewards. Holding QDX will also allow you to vote on some of the exciting decisions we make on the platform. This means that you no longer have just a front-row seat to the future of money, you get to become a key decision-maker,” reports the official Quidax blog. 

Quidax will be the first project to launch on Julswap’s launchpad, JulPad.

According to the Quidax blog, the goal of this expansion is to be one of the first African cryptocurrencies to go global.