The next generation of media moguls is on the rise and nine-year-old Atlanta native Nicholas Buamah is on a mission to jumpstart his career early.

The best-selling author and philanthropist is adding talk show host to his resume debuting his new show called “Raising Greatness with Nicholas Buamah,” which premiered on YouTube July 1, Black News reports.

With over 11,000 subscribers, Buamah’s new show features a plethora of special guests to speak on what led them toward their paths of success, with his first guest being celebrity chef/television host Jernard Wells.

Some of his guests include but are not limited to — celebrity chefs, journalists, Hollywood actors, comedians, producers, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs.

Buamah found his career start when he published his first book at just seven-years-old called “Kayla and Kyle: The Walking Dictionaries Vol. 1 Election Day.” Not only was his book considered an amazon bestseller, but it was also cataloged in the Library of Congress, according to Black News.

He’s now working on a sequel to his first book called “Kayla & Kyle: The Walking Dictionaries: A Puppy Surprise” which is scheduled for release later this summer.

Additionally, Buamah has developed a mission to help kids in underserved communities around the world access reading materials through his non-profit organization called, Books Without Borders, Inc.

As one of the youngest rising media moguls, Buamah’s mantra is “You’re never too young to dream big!”

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