The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly taken a toll on the nation’s economy, and Black-owned restaurants are feeling the sting as a result.

However, in order to continue to generate income and meet customer demands, many Black-owned restaurants have adapted to these regulations by developing delivery options for customers.

Check out these six Black-owned restaurants you can support during the outbreak and get a tasty meal at the same time.

Slutty Vegan

The Atlanta-based vegan eatery — owned by businesswoman and philanthropist Aisha “Pinky” Cole — is known for its tasty vegan hamburgers and bacon. It is not uncommon for the shop to have hundreds of customers waiting to place their order in a line that stretches blocks from the main entrance. Many celebs like Jermaine Dupri and Grant Hill love the vegan options offered by Slutty Vegan. Since the outbreak, the vegan restaurant has moved its ordering process online and offers delivery.

Banana Crumble 

If you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, then Banana Crumble is the place for you. The Philadelphia-based restaurant offers Strawberry Cheesecake Crumble, Nana Pudding, and Banana Crumble Rich Luxe.

The Jamaican Pot

The Jamaican Pot — located in Detroit — is owned by Bruce and Rose Forrest and available for delivery. The restaurant serves all of your Jamaican favorites like Jerk, Oxtails, and Plantains.

Fill Your Soul

In need of a soul food fix? Well, Fill Your Soul is your go-to. Located in Philadelphia, the eatery has all kinds of goodness like BBQ beef short ribs, fried fish platters, and sweet potato pie.

Pretty Girls Cook 

Pretty Girls Cook has a menu that is a seafood lover’s dream. Support them and order their Ladies Love Salmon or Lobsta Mobsta dishes. They even have a Dorothy Dandridge Sandwich in honor of the late actress.

Hashbrowns Cafe

At some point, you may get tired of whipping up breakfast. Instead of cooking, get your day started right with breakfast from the Hashbrowns Cafe. They serve up all the breakfast classics like salmon croquettes and french toast platters.

Supporting Black-owned businesses is critical. Next time you think of ordering in, keep these restaurants in mind.