If you're struggling to find a way to get on top of your personal finances, the answer might just be within your reach — quite literally. Personal finance apps provide a convenient way to track and organize your financial information and there are a large variety of different types to suit your individual need. In this post I have compiled a list of the five best apps to help keep your finances in check.


Expensify is the perfect app for individuals who take part in business trips and incur expenses which later need to be reimbursed by their employer. It streamlines the reporting process for expenses by providing a more efficient workflow. The user-friendly interface makes tracking reimbursements and integrations with accounting packages easy to use for everyone.


This free app allows users to not only view account balances and bills all on one app, but also allow for bills to directly be paid via the app or scheduled for later payment through syncing personal bank accounts with vendors. Prism’s extensive catalog of financial institutions can help you calculate your rates to ensure that you know what to expect in the coming weeks and months.


Tycoon is an app designed by former Victoria Secret’s model, Jessica Perez, to help freelancers keep track of bookings and manage their money. Perez was inspired to create the app due to frustration over the irregular and often never-arriving payments to freelancers due to her decades long career as a model. Today, Tycoon acts as a fantastic way for freelancers to stay up to date with their earnings and know at all times what payments they have received, what ones are yet to come in, and which ones are overdue.

The app allows users to feel control their earnings situation and even offers pre-written messages to send to users’ clients who are late with the payment.


This incredibly popular free app from INTU — who might recognize from their previous endeavors with QuickBooks and TurboTax — is a one-stop destination for creating your budget and tracking your spending. The Mint app is able to connect with all your credit card and bank accounts and also log all your monthly bills, combing all your financing into one handy place. The app is able to calculate and display your real-time credit score, making sure you’re kept up to date with all your financial information.

This app will announce when bills are do and show you how much you owe and what you can pay. Mint also offers to give payment reminders to avoid those pesky late fees. And, if that’s not enough, the Mint app provides tailored financial information based on your history to help you get on top of your personal finances.


This app rises above the rest due to one simple feature — it was designed to be collaborative. Honeydue is perfect for couples and households with one of its top goals being to create a platform to be on the same financial page as your partner. The app allows for two people to add their bank account and enables you to choose which specific transactions are shared with your partner. Users can create bill reminders and determine who, if not both, of the couple receive the reminders. Honeydue is the ideal app to help support couples in reaching their financial goals.