To not only be a first-generation college student, but to also be admitted to the school you envisioned growing up is truly what dreams are made of. Omarion Ikaika Calloway, a high school senior, is proof that your background doesn’t have to stop you from turning your ambitious goals into reality.

From the age of 10, Calloway looked after the well-being of his grandmother and disabled autistic uncle, according to Black News. After grieving their passing, he used the inspiration that his grandma instilled in him as fuel to chase his dream of attending New York University.

On Dec. 15, 2021, the teenager received his acceptance letter from the school. But, that’s not all. According to the outlet, Calloway’s academic excellence has led him to land acceptance into over 21 universities, as well as more than $1.3 million in scholarships.

“I’m a happy and grateful mother, and I am immensely proud of him,” his mother Tiffany shared. “As his mother, I remain so proud of him that tears well up in my eyes just thinking about him being accepted into his dream school. All a mother wants is for her child to have the best life possible.”

Acceptance Letters

Apart from his dream school of New York University, the Park Crossing High School student has been accepted into Howard University and Hampton University.

Young Black Excellence

Calloway’s story is one of many that serve as a testament to the drive and hard work of Black youth that is more than inspiring.

AfroTech recently shared the story of Kenyari Sawyer, a Georgia teen who has been admitted to 48 of the 92 schools she’s applied to since August 21. The 17-year-old received over $600,000 in scholarships. According to Sawyer, she dreams to become a lawyer.

“I want to start my own law firm, become a defense attorney, and go up the ranks from there,” she said.