Thirteen-year-old CEO Alejandro Buxton has been awarded $10,000 for his candle business.

On “The Drew Barrymore Show,” Buxton joined the actress and entrepreneur Daymond John to discuss launching Smell of Love Candles at the age of nine.

While on the show, he explained how his mother played a pivotal role in him venturing into the world of entrepreneurship.

“So I started Smell of Love Candles when my mom really loved candles. Trust me, she loved her candles, but our candles that she burned, were giving her headaches,” he explained on the show. “I have asthma, so it would get triggered. So, she was really disappointed that her candles were doing this. So she threw ’em all away. So she was really sad. So, I don’t like see my mom disappointed, so I wanted to create a candle for her. It just really inspired me to create this business.”

John saw great similarities between himself and the young entrepreneur.

As AFROTECH previously mentioned, John launched streetwear brand FUBU after being inspired by his mom.

“I was inspired by my mother as well…I started my first business because I didn’t wanna see my mother work that hard,” he told Buxton.

Buxton then took the floor to request advice from John as he was considering selling his candles in stores.

John advised Buxton to continue selling directly to consumers after the FUBU founder learned he sold 16,000 products online since 2022.

What’s more, Buxton was not only left with gems to apply to his business, he also left with a $10,000 check from human resources company TriNet.

“It was the most amazing experience that I have had in my life,” Buxton told FFXnow. “In preparing for the show, every emotion that you could feel…happy, nervous, shy, excited; I was overwhelmed and was feeling everything. I didn’t know how it would go and then once I got on the show and when I got on stage, Drew was so nice and Daymond as well so they made me feel really comfortable. Daymond gave me really good advice and I’m really grateful to Drew and her staff for everything they gave me on the show.”