Time and time again, we’ve seen the tragic loss of rappers due to senseless gun violence. From more recently with Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke to further down the timeline with The Notorious B.I.G and Tupac, lives have been taken away at such young ages.

To take the initiative in keeping talent out of harm’s way, a fellow rapper has launched a business.


Getting The Idea Rolling

Zoey Dollaz created a bulletproof car service to increase safety for celebrities. During an interview with On The Radar, he shared that the idea was already in the works before his own encounter with a drive-by shooting in 2020, HipHopDX reports.

“I created my bulletproof car service because my peers, my rap friends, they’re in danger,” Dollaz said, according to the outlet. “They wait till we get onto the highway and try and spray us.”

He continued: “Football players that come from the hood, they gotta go back to the hood and see their people, but we see the stories of them getting harmed up. So, I’m like you know what … Let me create like an uber, but with bulletproof vehicles, and I did that.”

What Zoey Dollaz's Bulletproof Car Service Offers

In an Instagram post, the Miami rapper went into detail about the rental cars being “fully bulletproof to the highest level” and said they “come with trained armed drivers.” While based in his city, the service is available for Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, and additional cities.

Since the service’s launch back in July, the business has been booming — quickly selling out during Miami’s Rolling Loud, according to Dollaz. 

Expansion Of The Miami Rapper's Business Ventures

In addition to his budding car service, Dollaz is expanding himself as a businessman. The outlet shares that he has been working on his new Haitian-influenced Hibachi restaurant.

“The rap industry will try to put you in a box like, ‘Nah you need to focus on being a celebrity and a star,’” he said. “What happens when it slows down?… that’s why as a rapper, you need to not worry about being hot you need to worry about being big.”

He continued: “What keeps me wealthy is business. Real estate, restaurants, things that people need. Essential stuff that’s good for people. People gotta eat.”