When people think about landing a job at top companies like Google or Apple, chances are a few requirements come to mind. Prior experience, a college degree and of course some technical requirements. But thanks to a list compiled by popular job-search platform Glassdoor, interested applicants can check out the major companies that are no longer requiring four-year college degrees.

This step makes sense, as companies realize that access to education doesn’t necessarily define whether someone can be a great employee. There are so many other factors including passion, work ethic and determination that can make for a great employee — even if college wasn’t in their path.

And quite a few of these companies have tech-centered roles open, providing a pathway to success for people who might have taken a nontraditional route to the field by way of online or other technical training rather than traditional higher education pathways. So many people are attending coding boot camps and those options should be considered as well. Google, Apple, Home Depot, IBM, Ernst & Young, Bank of America and Nordstrom are among the group seeking tech-based hires.

Companies are taking a big step toward recruiting the best employees for the job no matter their path to acquiring those skills, and that’s awesome. Check out these companies more at Glassdoor’s full list here.