#YesWeCode and Infor—a New York City-based software company—have partnered up to launch GenOne, an initiative to increase the diversity of the tech workforce. 

Students will participate in a two-month DevOps and sales training program designed to place participants in high paying jobs in the tech industry.

“Infor is very interested in finding ways to expand their workforce and also diversify their candidate pipeline,” said Tamyra Walker, #YesWeCode’s director of recruitment and retention.”We wanted to expand our #YesWeCode work by broadening our impact including sales training for people who would be traditionally excluded because of rigor and specificity of tech skills.”

The program provides 100 hours of training, a new laptop, $1000 monthly stipend and interviews for an internship within Infor specifically designed for people to transition into full-time positions.

“Companies like Infor can help define the future of work and develop talent for the new economy,” said Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor in a news release. “To meet the needs of the industry and the economy, we need to include all communities.”

“When we started #YesWeCode, we saw an opportunity to change the odds for success in STEM by encouraging candidates from disadvantaged or non-traditional backgrounds to pursue careers in technology,” said Van Jones, founder of #YesWeCode. “The technology of tomorrow needs to be conceptualized, designed and created by a diverse workforce to meet the needs of a diverse world.”