Ghana is staying ahead of the curve with its newest educational institution.

Chief Nana Obokese Ampah, founder and CEO of the Year of Return Legacy Project and The Asebu Pan African Village Project, has announced the launch of the Obokese University of Excellence, a school dedicated to leadership and technology.

The new institution — set to launch in September of this year — plans to operate at the intersection of e-commerce and prioritize several elements including education, leadership, engaging cultures, history, technology, and tourism.

According to the university’s website:

“The Obokese University of Excellence endeavors to support an educational transformation designed to develop students, youth and adults who have internalized the traditional character traits of ‘aso-dzi’ (those who possess exceptional skills, talents and abilities, together with, a deep abiding African consciousness to further the national spirit embodied in the concept of Ubuntu).”

Obokese University will launch as an online digital platform teaching master classes, touring, and event experiences to enhance remote learning. As the university progresses, it is expected to branch out into limited classes.

According to Black News, the university will have the following platforms:

“1. An Afrocentric focused entrepreneurial, educational, cultural and historical institution.

2. Leadership Master classes and certifications including; business, political science, African history, business/entrepreneurship etc.

3. An eCommerce offering branding solutions and a rich array of digital display advertising solutions, strategic marketing, and promotions with the goal of having global buyers discover anything they want to buy – Made in Africa, created in Africa.

4. One of the beneficiaries of the future Motherland Trust initiative that offers a revenue generation tool that is sustainable and finances Obokese University and local infrastructure.

5. A strategic partner with the AAGMA (Africa America Global Media Association) for media outreach, branding, and publicity.”

Even as they start small, the university has vowed to work tirelessly to fulfill their objectives in the best interest of “students, the Asebu Traditional Area, Mother Ghana and Mother Africa.”

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