Paid Moment By American Express and Delta.

If you’re a small business owner, optimizing your time is something you’ve mastered. Whether sending an important email while on a work call or meeting a prospective client while traveling to a conference, determining the best use of your time is often necessary to keep things thriving. Although choosing which priority should come next can sometimes seem challenging, it doesn’t always have to be. When you become a Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business Amex Card Member, you can give new meaning to optimizing time by maximizing benefits with every purchase.

If you’re ready to level up and see how to make the most of your business purchases, follow our top three tips for working smarter and maximizing the benefits of being a cardholder. 

1. Turn Expenses into Experiences 

As a savvy business owner, you’re always looking for unique ways to get the most out of your business expenses. For instance, you already know you need to buy a new printer for the office, so why not use your Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business Amex Card? Not only will you earn miles on all eligible purchases, but benefits such as MQD Boost will get you even closer to achieving Medallion® Status.

Earn $1 Medallion® Qualification Dollar for each $20 of purchases made on your Card in a calendar year and get a boost toward achieving Medallion Status for next Medallion Year.  Terms apply. Learn More.

2. Go From Solo to Duo

When traveling for work, sometimes it’s necessary to focus and hit the ground running as a solo effort. However, the old saying, “teamwork makes the dream work,” has held true for a reason. When appropriate, why not elevate the experience by traveling with a work colleague? With your Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business Amex Card, your business partner can become your travel buddy, using the Companion Certificate to tag along. Whether traveling to a business conference or to meet an important client, you and your business partner can debrief and strategize in real time. Now that’s a big boss move.

Receive a Companion Certificate on Main Cabin roundtrip flights to domestic, Caribbean, or Central American destinations each year after renewal of your Card. The Companion Ticket requires payment of government-imposed taxes and fees of no more than $80 for round trip domestic flights and no more than $250 for round trip international flights (both for itineraries with up to four flight segments). Baggage charges and other restrictions apply. See terms and conditions for details. Terms apply. Learn More.

3. Explore And Expand Your Network

Business retreats and professional development events are filled with great opportunities to gain different perspectives and insights that can impact your business for the better. Did you know that the Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business Amex Card can be used to get 15% off Award Travel, making access to such events more accessible?

Events like the AFROTECH Conference are perfect for downloading deep knowledge, delving into engaging planned sessions, and networking to meet your next colleague or external partner. 

Save 15% anytime you book Award Travel with miles on Delta flights when using and the Fly Delta app. Discount not applicable to partner-operated flights or to taxes and fees. Terms apply. Learn More.

Moral of the story, your business can only take off if you do. So, grab your best outfit and your business partner, and let your Delta SkyMiles® Platinum Business Amex Card work for your business in more ways than you imagined. The opportunities are endless.