How far is too far when it comes to questions asked by your fellow colleagues at your employer?

One woman took to social media to share her personal experience of a work conversation that she says crossed the line.

Crossing Boundaries

“A few years ago I was applying to this job, I interviewed, the interviews went really well…I started the job and immediately these people had no boundaries,” said the woman whose name is listed as Jiija on her Instagram profile. “None, whatsoever. These people were asking the craziest things. This girl said, ‘Oh, do you rent or do you own your house?’ I said, ‘What?'”

Furthermore, the woman who asked the question happened to be in the human resources department and tried to justify her question, the Instagram user claimed.


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She Did What?

“When we were interviewing you I googled your house and I saw the outside of it,” the woman says her coworker said. “I wanted to see if you got the job — how far of a drive it would be for you.”

What's Off Limits In Job Interviews?

Jiija, who is a human resources professional, also broke down why the action taken by the woman was completely out of line.

“Legally, someone can ask you when they’re interviewing you if you have reliable transportation to and from work,” she explained. “That reliable transportation can be the city bus, it can be the metro, it doesn’t matter where you live.”

Advice For Job Seekers

While telling the story, Jiija also took a moment to offer advice to current job seekers.

“That’s why I tell people now to remove your address off of your resume,” she added.


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“The only contact information that needs to be on your resume is your email address and your phone number to contact you and ask if you’re available to interview for the job,” Jiija said in the video.