Bruce Hamilton is a serial entrepreneur and his current mission is to help Black creatives and entrepreneurs launch their own projects. AfroTech has covered one of his earlier startups, Doly, which helped entrepreneurs with no coding skills develop apps, but that wasn’t his first technology project.

“My first venture into tech was CrwdBoost which is our social media growth platform. When we first launched, it was purely a growth tool for Instagram,” Hamilton said.

In fact, CrwdBoost has done so well that Hamilton has been able to use the profits to fund his other tech projects.

His latest company, Wing Zero, goes a step further by developing a variety of tools to help Black talent thrive. Wing Zero Apps continues the work they started in Doly by creating an easy and intuitive way for people with no coding knowledge to create apps. When a user subscribes to one of Wing Zero App’s premium app templates, the Wing Zero team can help them get their app running within 2-5 business days. They also offer integrations with Shopify and manage the entire process of launching the app to the Apple Store or Google Play.

Hamilton and his team also created a platform for finding and engaging Black talent with Unitedly.

Unitedly is our freelancer marketplace for people of color. We wanted to create an ecosystem that allowed creatives of color to either be shown and highlight them and give them an opportunity to generate money in their community,” Hamilton said.

Unitedly is currently accepting applications for early access.