Will Smith’s fitness journey on Instagram has been inspirational to watch as he puts health first. Now, fans can join in and get in shape with him and his trainers.

The actor, rapper and producer recently became the newest ambassador for Fitbit — a fitness and activity tracker. According to a blog post, Fitbit Premium members will have access to exclusive content of Smith’s video series for not only focusing on physical wellness but also fitting mental wellness into one’s daily routine. The first session will be available on Sept. 27. 

Smith has been sporting the Fitbit Charge 4 and an upgrade of the Charge 5, Fitbit’s latest device, is on its way. Along with the news of Smith’s partnership, the fitness company revealed the new Charge 5 in its press release and it’s set to take health and fitness tracking to the next level. Fitbit describes its wellness benefits as “helping you keep a pulse on your stress, exercise readiness, heart health and overall well-being all in a thinner design with a brighter color touchscreen.

Fitbit says the Charge 5 will be available globally this fall. 

The blog post also laid out its key features including an EDA sensor for stress management, high/low heart rate notifications, six months of Fitbit Premium membership and more. Plus, Fitbit announced its Daily Readiness Score — a new tool in the works that “uses your body’s insights to help you understand when you are at your physical best.” The tool will be a holistic health game-changer for notifying people to ease up on intense workouts and have ample time to focus on their recovery.

Following his Fitbit series, Smith’s YouTube channel will release “Best Shape of My Life” this fall. The six-part YouTube Originals docuseries is produced by Westbrook Media and it follows Smith’s turnaround in his path to a healthy lifestyle after sharing in his viral Instagram post that he was in “the worst shape of [his] life.”

Throughout the series, special guests will pay Smith a visit and he will use his Fitbit each step of the way to track his goals, activity and calories burned.