WhatsApp is introducing a new feature that may look awfully familiar to Snapchat users.

The Verge reports that the Facebook-owned messaging app has launched a brand new “View Once” feature on the platform that will allow users to view photos and videos once before they’re deleted. According to WhatsApp, the feature was designed to give users “more control over their privacy” with end-to-end encryption that protects their personal messages.

The way the feature works is when sending a photo or video to someone on the app, you can view the media once by tapping the “1” symbol next to the send button. After the recipient opens the message, it will then disappear forever.

Now for WhatsApp users this may be a new phenomenon that could potentially grow to be popular on the app. However, for social media users who already subscribe to other popular messaging platforms like Snapchat, this feature is nothing new.

WhatsApp’s “View Once” feature is expected to rival that of Snapchat’s stories and message features that already employ this type of technology.


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While WhatsApp is rolling this feature out under the guise that users will be able to dictate their online privacy, TechCrunch reports that this is a song Facebook has been singing for years with little to no progress. According to the outlet, Facebook made promises to bring end-to-end encryption to its entire slate of messaging services, and while WhatsApp implemented the feature back in 2016, it has yet to make its way to apps like Instagram or Messenger.

The pandemic has allowed for many new updates to make their way to the social media landscape to keep users engaged, especially while quarantined at home. While platforms like Clubhouse gained newfound popularity at the height of quarantine for its interactive nature, others like Twitter and Instagram introduced updates that made communicating and e-commerce much more accessible and attractive to its audience.

Will WhatsApp be able to steal Snapchat’s disappearing post glory? Users will just have to wait and see.