If you’ve read the news post-Inauguration, you’ve doubtlessly seen President Bidensigning a flurry of Executive Orders in his first weeks in office. These Orders constitute directives to the aspects of the federal government over which the President has authority, such as federal agencies, and may cover some areas in which precedent, case law, and Acts of Congress give the President implied authority.

Here’s a look at several with implications for your business:

      • Ensuring the Future Is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers: This Order directs federal agencies to procure goods and services from American-based corporations whose quality and pricing are competitive with foreign-born suppliers, unless waivers are granted. The Order also includes further logistical details on how this shall be enacted across agencies, and may provide you an opening for new federal contracting opportunities.
      • Executive Order on Revocation of Certain Executive Orders Concerning Federal Regulation: This Order revokes several Orders signed by the previous administration designed to pare back the business regulatory review process. Notable orders revoked include 13,771 which required for every one new regulation established two would need to be revoked, and a freeze on any proposed, but not yet finalized regulations. Regarding the latter, you may want to check with legal counsel to determine if your business hinges on any recently proposed regulations.
      • Executive Order on Protecting Worker Health and Safety: This Order calls the Occupational Safety and Health Association to issue revised and stronger guidance to businesses concerning COVID-19 safety measures. Depending on the nature of these measures and your current worker safety protocols, you may need to put additional protections in place. However, such mitigation measures will likely cost you less than a closure stemming from an outbreak or a lawsuit from a customer.
      • Executive Order on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST): PCAST was an advisory board of scientists and business leaders originally established by Executive Order by President George W. Bush, and was reestablished by President Obama. President Trump did not reconstitute PCAST until the final two months of his President. However, PCAST is expected to play an important role in shaping President Biden’s science and technology and agenda which will doubtlessly affect the tech sector.

President Biden has signed several additional Orders and issued directives designed to combat the coronavirus pandemic, as well as others drafted to address social inequities, that will indirectly impact your business.

The impact of those orders is yet to be fully felt. However, the above Orders will likely have the most initial impact on your business.