Don’t sleep on your vision for your future in technology. Let’s make it happen today with Capital One. With its Make Today campaign, Capital One is taking diversity and inclusion to the next level by encouraging Black technologists to contribute to innovation, prioritize data and pay homage to the past to create a more inclusive tech culture. Capital One reminds us that Black people have always been the original inventors, shakers, and movers of innovation.

Make Today was launched by Capital One’s Blacks in Tech (BIT) Business Resource Group, an organization of Black technologists who are committed to cultivating, inspiring, educating, and supporting Black technologists at all stages of their career. BIT aims to create a lasting impact by amplifying BIT initiatives, engaging our peers to strengthen our inclusive culture and helping Capital One recruit, attract and retain top talent from all backgrounds.

At October’s BIT conference and AfroTech conference in November, this year’s Make Today campaign was designed by Capital One’s Vice President of Software Engineering, Kimberly Hall in the hopes of bringing a sense of urgency and excitement around paving a better path towards tomorrow,TODAY!

Make Today is not only a reminder of the impact that Black technologists can make today, but also a reminder to tap into the maker that lies within each of us. It’s so easy to get caught up focused on the potential of the future that we forget the opportunity of TODAY, which stands for:

  • Tech – Taking steps to impact the tech industry and take your career to the next level
  • Obligation – Responsibility to the community and taking care of ourselves
  • Data – Digging into the facts, information, and analytics at our fingertips
  • Acknowledge – Recognizing our own value and identifying ways to elevate ourselves, each other, and the work that we do
  • Yesterday – Looking at our legacy and identifying what those building blocks have allowed us to accomplish today


“I wanted to come up with a theme that would be centered around a call to action. What can we do for ourselves and within our community to pour into ourselves? It’s two-fold, we know there’s a need for systemic policy and legislative changes that we need to continue to advocate for, but what are the internal [changes] we can make within ourselves,” said Hall.

Learn more about Capital One’s Make Today initiative and join the movement by exploring careers with Capital One.

This article was brought to you in partnership with Capital One.