Some voices are immediately recognizable once you hear them. On that list, you’ll likely find people like Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson — and, of course, Wanda Sykes.

The familiarity of these people’s gifts is what makes them household names, and Sykes has held it down for decades. To this day, she continues to entertain people with her versatility as a voice actor, comedic chops, and acting prowess.

Sykes is a Virginia native and graduate of Hampton University. Although Wanda Sykes graduated with a bachelor of science degree in marketing, she launched her stand-up career in Washington D.C. during a Coors Light Super Talent Showcase, according to PBS.

Her career would soon take off as a writer and on-screen talent for HBO’s “Chris Rock Show.” Sykes would then go on to star in several other television shows and movies that include “Pootie Tang,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Black-ish,” and her recent endeavor, “The Upshaws” on Netflix.

The comedienne’s hard work and talent earned her several Emmy Awards and the honor of winning a GLAAD Award in 2010.

Sykes’ life outside of comedy also found its way to the screen as her family was featured on season one of “Finding Our Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.” And her family continues to be a priority for her as she balances being a wife and mom to fraternal twins.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, all of her life’s work has paid off in a way that allowed her to earn a net worth of $10 million.

Let’s take a look into the diverse yet impressive career of Wanda Sykes.

Television And Film

Being on the screen is only one dimension of Sykes’ television and movie experience. While she has starred in several big films and shows, she also has credits as a writer, producer, and show creator.

Her comedic talent has earned her several prestigious awards and the opportunity to host shows such as The Oscars.

Partnerships And Brand Deals

According to Deadline, Sykes signed with ICM Partners in 2021 to manage her career, except for personal appearances and comedy tours.

Gain also tapped her to bring awareness to the brand’s diverse offerings of detergents and fabric softeners.

Production Company

Sykes also continues her work with Page Hurwitz and Push It Productions, which the business partners launched in 2013. The production company has landed series on platforms like Netflix, BET, OWN, and NBC.

Activism And Advocacy

Always willing to lend a hand to meaningful projects, Sykes partnered with Aflac alongside comedic colleague Lil Rel Howery to support the first-ever HBCU All-Star Game during the 2022 NCAA Men’s Final Four Competition. This effort brought more awareness to the historic institutions.

Additionally, she pressed pause on the jokes in 2018 to work with the NAACP in an effort to mobilize citizens around voting.