At just 17-years-old, Verda Tetteh proves that being amazing is about more than just where you go to school.

According to CBS News, the Massachusetts high school student made her Ghanaian parents proud, already, when she got accepted into Harvard University. She made her parents especially proud when that Harvard offer came with a “full-ride” scholarship.

But when she was offered an additional $40,000 in scholarships for things like books and other necessities that the “full-ride” scholarship to Harvard didn’t cover, she turned it down.

“No one had the chance to say ‘Don’t give away $40,000,’” Verda Tetteh said to CBS News. “It is such a great honor, but I also know that I am not the most in need of it. I’m excited to see who it helps and how that changes their life, so I am so happy that God gave me the strength to do that.”

She also said that she knew that “someone else needed it more,” which is why she was alright with giving it up to someone else.

The $40,000 was due to be given in $10,000 increments over four years, and now, Verda Tetteh’s classmates who are in more need will be able to enjoy it and see how it can help them in their college journey. What’s more, Verda Tetteh got a standing ovation for her announcement, which she made just a few minutes after it was announced that she would receive the scholarships in the first place.

Her mother, Rosemary — who brought her from their native Ghana when she was still a child, and who recently completed her community college degree — said that she was most proud of her daughter’s generosity, even though she stressed the importance of education.

“Now I’m 100-percent sure she is ready to go into the world on her own,” she said to CBS News.

Congratulations are in order to Verda Tetteh — we’re sure she’s going to go far!