There is no one quite like Usher Raymond IV (Sorry, but we don’t make the rules).

And while music may be embedded in Usher’s DNA, he wants the world to know that he has also always been about his business, man.

In fact, the superstar revealed that no matter where life takes him, he will always find a way to create music.


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A Forever Love Story

“I don’t care what business I’m in, I’m still going to make music and also either be a part of creativity in that space of music because it’s something that I know so well,” Usher told Angie Martinez during a recent appearance on her IRL podcast.

Not only did Usher hone in on his passion for music, but he also gave the disclaimer that he is teaming up with the man who helped to make it all happen a few decades ago.

Where It All Started

“Me and L.A. Reid are working together,” Usher revealed. “We hadn’t been working together for a very long time. To be able to be back in each other’s lives [is great]. I feel he has been a viable commodity to so many people in so many industries. And so many incredible entities. But now to be able to come together and have ownership in what we’re building for our future [is awesome].”

The story: For anyone who may be unfamiliar with the relationship between the two, it all stems back to a talent show in 1991. During the event, he caught the attention of Antonio “L.A.” Reid of LaFace Records, who then invited a then-teenage Usher to audition before ultimately signing him to a recording contract at the age of 14.

Fast-forward to today, Usher disclosed that he and L.A. Reid are back to make some magic, which could even include a music label.

Is Usher Building His Own Label?

When asked if that’s what they are working on, a secretive Usher responded with, “It’s gonna be that and then some.”

Watch This

While he is adamant about focusing on the business side of things, Usher says this is far from him saying the music chapter of his life is closed. Instead, he is focused on now being “in a position to prepare people and to create a standard that we can benefit from.”

He added, “It will be an ecosystem that I think that we can benefit from better than having to rely so much on infrastructure that’s been set before we got here.”

As far as what’s up next… it looks like Usher wants us to just “watch this.”