When your mind is filled with beautiful thoughts, everything else just falls into place, which is why this company aims to transform the community one CBD product at a time.

Founders Brandé Elise and Danielle Gray understand firsthand the importance of “beautiful thinking.” Together, they created Unoia as a catalyst for change in the way the world views CBD products. To be intentional about everything that the brand creates or touches, there isn’t anything that the couple hasn’t put true time and energy behind, even down to the company’s logo.

Courtesy of Unoia

“We basically looked at the idea of opening a CBD-based company because it seemed like it would be fun,” Danielle told AfroTech. “We were consulting with someone who brought up the name ‘Unoia’ and we were like that’s interesting and we really liked the meaning and so that’s where my thought process was when coming up with the logo. It’s actually meant to be a portal into beautiful thinking. That’s where the world of Unoia came from — that when people have our products and experience the things that we do through things such as meditation, they can get into this beautiful place.”

Initially, the company wanted to focus on THC, then it shifted to CBD-infused honey products. Now, Unoia offers a range of different merchandise that include gummies, tinctures, and more with a line of pet products that have turned out to be some of the brand’s most successful offerings.

Breaking Down Barriers

Despite the fact that cannabis products have been used by the community for years, there is still a negative connotation that comes with anything associated with it.

“The big thing we’ve realized is our geographical location has been a huge barrier because we’re in the South,” Danielle explained. “So, for one, people in the South are just not as educated or know much about cannabis or CBD. So, when we first started, a lot of people were like, ‘no, I can’t do that.’”

It was this hurdle that actually encouraged the couple to make education one of the main values of their company. For them, it’s more than just slinging around CBD products. It’s all about educating consumers on the benefits of their products, while also detailing exactly how they should be used to achieve the most benefits.

One of the unique elements of Unoia is that if you didn’t know much about the benefits of CBD or how to use it prior to engaging with the brand, you are guaranteed to walk away with a newfound knowledge on the industry.

“People don’t always know how to use it and they think that they’re going to get high or not respond well to it, but afterwards they’re not ashamed to talk about it anymore, because we’re making it a very normal conversation,” said Brandé.

Transforming The South

Since Unoia is based in Atlanta, GA, they understand the role that the geographical location of the company plays on those using what they offer.

“Being geographically in the South, we realize there was no other way for us to have any conversation before education,” Danielle shared. “When people come up to our booth or pop up or whatever, they always have questions about CBD that range from ‘how does it work?’ to ‘will this get me high?’”

The true goal of the company is to help people with their journey to healing beyond just focusing on CBD.

“CBD is just a piece of it, there are other ways to heal,” said Brandé. “For me, it’s my meditation in the morning and going to pilates or going to the gym and then coming home to walk the dogs and by then, I’m ready for people and can take my seat and start my day.”

Continuing The Mission

As a couple working together to build a company, both Danielle and Brandé are on a mission to change the world’s perspective when it comes to taboo subjects such as cannabis.

“Our mission is to remind people that they’re human. ln the midst of the metaverse and all of this stuff, do you remember what it’s like to just really commit and connect with yourself and even sit with yourself?” asked Danielle. “What we are all about is empowering people to find their own peace. Let us give you some of the tools, you can listen to this mediation, you can go on this walk with us, you can do whatever it is because our thing is like, we know what it feels like to feel good and we want everybody to feel good — especially our community, because we don’t always have access to these things.”

Furthermore, they understand the importance of trust when it comes to purchasing products.

“We’re gaining everybody’s trust now and we’re not trying to say that there necessarily is an end goal because this is just a piece of this one cannabinoid and we’re about to introduce people to other elements in the CBD family.”

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