Ride-sharing giant Uber has a possible multi-billion dollar deal in the works to purchase the scooter-sharing company Bird, according to the Information. 

Uber already has a minority stake in Bird competitor Lime, which highlights a significant effort to enter the scooter industry. The company also has its hand in the electric bicycle-sharing industry with its JUMP feature, which lets users rent bike rides.

As more companies like Maven and ZipCar look to enter the ride-sharing space, industry leaders Uber and Lyft are finding new ways to revamp their offerings.

Uber’s competitor Lyft has also taken strides in the scooter and bike-sharing spheres. Lyft acquired Motivate, the New York-based bike sharing company, for $250 million in November. The company also offers a scooter-sharing service in Denver, Arlington, V.A., Santa Monica, C.A. and Washington, D.C.

To keep users hooked in such a competitive industry, both companies have also expanded to rewards, loyalty programs, and other initiatives.