A mother’s prayer is even more powerful when action is put behind their faith. 

Tyra Banks’ mother, Carolyn London, made a bold decision nearly 30 years ago that has paid off ever since for her daughter.

The supermodel and TV personality once shared how her mom reached out to a top-rated financial adviser to be the one to look over her earnings and protect her finances for her soon-to-be iconic career.

“There was this Merrill Lynch adviser that my mom called when I was 19 years old and he only took an account if you had a million dollars or more to invest,” Banks explained at the 2016 ESSENCE Festival, according to ESSENCE.

She continued: “My mom had $5,000 of my money and she went to him and she said, ‘My daughter is going to be really successful and I only have $5,000. I read about you [and] I know you’re really, really good. Will you take this account?’ He called my mom and was like ‘I’m so sorry, I can’t’ and my mom said ‘Well, it’s your loss.’ He called back and he took it and I’m still with him to this day.”

London foreshadowed her daughter’s success in the modeling industry. After becoming signed to Elite Model Management at age 16, her career took off, as previously reported by AfroTech.

Banks is known as the first Black woman on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as the first Black woman to be on the cover of GQ. What’s more, in 1997, she made history again after becoming the first Black woman to land the cover of Victoria’s Secret catalog. 

Banks’ net worth is an estimated $90 million.