Two Detroit chemists, Deirdre Roberson and Dr. Alecia Gabriel have created a fun and educational STEAM subscription box, reports Fox 2 Detroit. The Lab Drawer is a monthly subscription box that includes engaging science experiments for children ages 10-14 to make STEM and STEAM learning accessible for all students.

“I wanted to make sure young people have access to STEM education,” said Dr. Gabriel. “We already know and we can see this day and age that everything is about tech.”

The box is complete with interactive STEM experiment instructions and materials, art activities, and an Augmented Reality Instructional video. 

“When parents were at home and they were tasked with teaching their students STEM education and they realized they were not equipped, we had phone calls, meeting requests,” said Roberson.

In addition to The Lab Drawer box, Roberson and Dr. Gabriel make TikToks and Facebook Live videos to supplement education and interact with students. 

One of their primary goals is to make sure their services are accessible to students in disenfranchised communities. Therefore proceeds from The Lab Drawer also go toward their nonprofit, The Motor City STEAM Foundation, which puts on events for kids who can’t afford a subscription. 

“We’ve been able to give back to young people who need access to stem and help parents in a time where they might feel overwhelmed because they don’t know how to teach STEM and STEAM education,” said Dr. Gabriel. 

Thanks to their expertise in STEM, The Lab Drawer took to Instagram to reveal  that they were able to educate over 2,000 children, not only in Detroit but all around the country, through their subscription boxes.