Creating a family legacy is the aim of the founders of Urban Essentials Coffee Cafe.

Two Black families recently celebrated the opening of Urban Essentials Coffee Cafe in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, IL, reports Block Club Chicago.

Father-and-daughter duo Robbie Wilkerson and Destiny Wilkerson, along with business partners Rick and Evelyn Shumate, welcomed 200 customers on the cafe’s official first day, as well as a list of community leaders and elected officials, who came to show their support for the budding local business.

“It seems like people are really excited about a real sit-down coffee shop around here. Seeing a large level of turnout was so nice,” said Robbie, who is also the youth director for the Westside Health Authority, according to the outlet. “Hopefully this can encourage other businesses and entrepreneurs to come in and invest in Austin, too.”

State Rep. La Shawn Ford shares a sense of optimism and interprets the grand opening as a positive omen for the community’s prosperity.

“When you think of communities that thrive, they have small businesses that open up shops like this,” Ford explained to Block Club Chicago. “We need to make sure that as many people know about this place as possible. It’s definitely a gem in the Austin community.”

The shop’s owners already plan to impact their community by providing coffee and donuts to local organizations and nonprofits. They also hope to energize their community by hosting open mic nights or Monday night football games.

Regarding what patrons can try out during their visit, there are a range of options, including blended drinks, tea, and coffee supplied by Black-owned Stivers Coffee. The cafe menu also includes offerings such as a jerk salmon wrap and loaded baked potato, which comes with chicken, shrimp, or salmon.

The business concept was supported by a $65,000 investment from the Wilkersons’ personal funds to get things started.

According to its Instagram, co-owners Richard and Evelyn Shumate also have a shared mission to bring healthy and accessible meals to the community.

“Urban Essentials Coffee Cafe was created by two ambitious families looking to revolutionize their community with one idea: a coffee shop,” the post read. “One half of Urban Essentials is Richard and Evelyn Shumate. The ambitious couple work as the masterminds behind the food concepts and creation. Both are passionate about bringing healthy and affordable food options into the community and widening the palettes of those they serve.”