As online abuse continues to run rampant on social media, Twitter reportedly is looking at new measures to combat the persistent problems.

According to TechCrunch, the social media giant run by Jack Dorsey says it’s working on new user controls to help combat this persistent problem. Privacy engineer Dominic Camozzi said that one of the things they’re working on is allowing a user to get more control over the mention feature (the @ feature, in other words) to “limit unwanted attention.”

You can see Camozzi’s statement in the tweet below.

One of the proposed methods that Twitter is considering is allowing a user to “unmention” themselves — similar to removing a tag on Facebook, a Twitter “unmention” will allow you to remove yourself from a conversation, especially if it starts going to unwanted (read: racist, abusive) places.

Twitter also plans to up the ante by forbidding the offending Tweeter from “mentioning” you again, should you choose to make it so.

Other ideas that they’re looking at involve restricting certain users from mentioning you entirely (which would have been nice for our politicians and other public figures to have when The Former Guy was in office and on the platform, no?), and even a “peace and quiet” mode that allows you to turn off mentions for up to one whole week.

“A Twitter spokeswoman confirmed the concepts are ‘a design mock’ and “still in the early stages of design and research.”But she added: “We’re excited about community feedback even at this early stage,” according to TechCrunch. 

While it’s good that Twitter is finally taking action after years — a literal whole presidential term worth of years — of being called upon to act, it remains to be seen whether these proposed positive changes will actually be implemented, and if it isn’t just “too little, too late” and performative aide.