Trick Daddy has something cooking!

The Miami, FL rapper has launched a new series titled “B!tch, I Got My Pots,” Global Grind reports.

The weekly cooking show launched its pilot on Feb. 12, 2022, and has since featured notable guests such as American singer CeeLo Green, former NFL wide receiver Brandon Tyrone Marshall, rapper Kent Jones, Rick Ross, and more.

Not only does the Facebook Live show give insight into Trick Daddy’s southern culinary journey but it also touches on topics including music, entertainment, pop culture, and more.

In an intimate conversation between Trick Daddy and Marshall, he was reminded of his long-lasting impact on street rap in the south.

“When I think about Trick Daddy, I think about Jay-Z, I think about Tupac, I think about Biggie, what you did for the south, and also what you did for the culture,” Marshall said.

 Trick Daddy Joins Other Rappers In The Food Industry

Trick Daddy isn’t the only rapper who wants a piece of the food industry.

In 2021, E-40 announced the launch of GOON WITH THE SPOON. The collection includes flavored sausages and burritos in an array of flavors, AfroTech previously reported.

“Fulfilled a lifelong dream today with the formal launch of my GOON WITH THE SPOON brand & inaugural sausage line!” he said via Twitter. “We’re in production and about to take over the food industry now.”