Tremaine Emory is moving onwards to a new turning point in his career.

On Aug. 31, the designer announced that after over a year he had stepped down as creative director of Supreme, as previously shared by AFROTECH. In his resignation letter, he claimed that his departure was due to the company canceling his collaboration with Arthur Jafa.

“This caused me a great amount of distress as well as the belief that systematic racism was at play within the structure of Supreme,” Emory wrote, per Business of Fashion.

Nearly a week after his resignation, Emory has shared a new announcement. GQ reports that Emory is set to open his first brick-and-mortar store as the flagship for his brand, Denim Tears, in New York City. The milestone follows the founder launching the fashion label in 2019.

In addition to his upcoming flagship store, Emory shared details on Denim Tears’ third collaboration with Levi’s. The outlet details that the new collection “is a riveting ode to Black biker culture, heavily influenced by photographer Martin Dixon’s 2000 book ‘Brooklyn Kings: New York City’s Black Bikers.’” Additionally, a part of it is a nod to the likes of Miles Davis and Sly Stone.

“I have had a fascination with black bike culture for as long as I can remember,” Emory shared, according to the outlet. “There is an outsider sense, a danger, a pride, a respect, a commitment to freedom and a defiance against conforming to a polite doctrine.”

The Denim Tears and Levi’s collection features all-leather versions of the Type 3 jacket and 501 jeans (from the first and second collections), a western denim shirt and jeans, a denim hat, a leather belt, a graphic tee, and a rucksack — all ranging from $50 to $900.

On Sept. 9, Emory will give fans a sneak peek of the collaboration during a pop-up shop.