Question for you: are you measuring your success and accomplishments at the job on a daily or regular basis? 

If we’re honest, many of us rely on our quarterly, semi, or annual reviews to try and recall what we’ve achieved and to measure our past performance; a key indicator for going for that raise or promotion. 

You see, we do so much on a day-to-day that we often forget all the things we’ve done to forward our company’s growth, culture, and objectives. When we’re not consistently documenting these achievements–whether big or small, we miss the opportunity to highlight all the magic we bring to the organization.

And you’ve worked too hard to just let that slide!

So, here are four vital reasons why you want to begin keeping track of your own performance on a regular basis.

#1 What You Track Grows

Tracking your own performance encourages you to hold yourself accountable to your goals. It also promotes progress because what is measured grows in your desired direction. It keeps you on your game, highlights areas where improvement is needed and shows you what’s working.

A win-win.

#2 Show Up Ready for Your Quarterly and Annual Reviews

When you know your numbers and accomplishments, you’ll confidently show up to those performance reviews. You’ll paint a beautiful picture showcasing your contributions to the team and how you’ve made an impact in your role.

This evidence equips you to ask for the raise, the promotion, the corner office–if that’s what you want–with clear data backing your stellar performance.

#3 Because If They Don’t Keep Track of Everything, You Will!

Frankly, you can’t solely rely on your manager or HR department to remember all the things when it comes to your contribution. They mean well, yet, they’re also busy managing other people and departments. Even with great employee performance appraisals and systems in place, it’s important to have your own tracking system.

Ultimately, you are your best advocate. 

#4 Killer Tool to Advance Your Own Career

When you document your performance and successes at the job, this becomes a powerful tool as you’re advancing in your career. There’s nothing like interviewing for your next dream role and showing up with real data on how you were a valuable player to your previous employer. 

Your tracking system can serve as an asset that can yield amazing returns!


So, create an easy way to begin tracking your own success at the job. As a result, you’ll position yourself for raises, greater confidence, promotions, and career advancement.

Much success!