TikTok has been on the tip of many tongues lately. However, despite threats of takedowns and power shifts, the video-sharing giant is still providing opportunities for businesses to grow.

According to Small Business Trends, TikTok launched TikTok For Business, under which the brand committed $100 million in ad credits to small businesses as a part of their Back-to-Business program.

The initiative is designed to help boost brand awareness, alleviate marketing costs, and craft engaging creative messaging. Now, for a limited time, small businesses can receive up to $2,300 in ad credit.

To be eligible for the ad offer, small and medium-sized businesses must sign up for TikTok For Business and register for a TikTok Ads Manager account. Eligible SMBs can claim a one-time ad credit worth $300, the site says. Any additional spending will be matched up to $2,000 per business.

This year, TikTok has become an integral part of many businesses and individual creatives’ marketing plans. In addition to using short-form videos to market their goods and services, users have also leveraged their brands with TikTok’s new ad platform, including its augmented reality feature.

It’s safe to assume the new ad credit program will no doubt expand TikTok’s reach among businesses.

“We’ve seen more and more brands embrace the unique and creative ways the TikTok community expresses themselves through video,” Blake Chandlee, TikTok VP of Global Business Solutions, told Deadline. “The experience is real, light-hearted and fun, and as we’ve seen over the course of these dynamic times, users and brands have the ability to make a meaningful and positive impact on their communities.”