Tiffany Haddish consistently tells the people, “She ready.”

From journaling to stretching and all kinds of personal productivity hacks, Haddish gave the world some in-depth details of how the comedian readies herself daily.

Monday Morning Routine

In an exclusive conversation with the Wallstreet Journal Magazine’s (WJM) series My Monday Morning, the 42-year-old actress discussed the things that make her the most productive, her biggest goal, and more.

Monday morning, for most people, is the start of the workweek and often the time to recalibrate and refocus. Haddish is a part of the crew. When discussing what time her Mondays start, Haddish gets up around 6:00 or 7:00 a.m., depending on how late she stays up Sunday night. Once awake, she stretches (reaches up and grabs the phone), puts her phone on Do Not Disturb, and engages in meditation. After about 10 minutes of meditating, Haddish starts her morning hygiene routine and jumps into the day’s first meal.

Self-Care Is The Best Care

Meditating isn’t the only form of self-care for Haddish. She has a workout routine that includes weekly jogging, dancing, and stretching. Working out about three times a week, she decompresses from that activity in her portable sauna, where you can find her journaling.

Journaling is also a part of “Girl’s Trip” star’s daily productivity routine.

“I journal before I go to bed, which is sometimes the problem with me sleeping for so few hours because I’ll be writing so much. Sometimes it’s what happened during the day; sometimes it’s an idea I have, and sometimes it’s me plotting and planning, calendaring. Strategizing,” Haddish explained to WJM.

Calendars And Organization

Like many influential people, maintaining a calendar is key to successful productivity. Most of the people on her team have access to her calendar, but there is also a secret calendar that Haddish has to ultimate navigate her schedule.

What’s on the secret calendar, you ask? No one knows.

“You said the keyword. It’s a secret, darling; that’s why it’s a secret calendar,” Haddish pointed out to WJM.

While the world may never know what’s on Haddish’s secret calendar, we will understand that creativity is engrained in the very fiber of her being.

This Actress Has Range

Her latest creative endeavor is her children’s book “Layla the Last Black Unicorn.” When Haddish was a kid, people referred to her as the dark unicorn. And since she loves the fictional creature — she decided to make the unicorn in her book Black. Also, Layla means dark and beautiful night (so it makes sense).

Thrills And Chills Is the Next Big Goal

Haddish holds tight to a piece of advice she’s received that keeps her moving forward in the future.

“Do something every single day towards your goal, do at least one thing a day towards your big goal. And you’ll accomplish it. And that has been my guiding light,” Haddish told WJM.

Haddish also explained that her biggest productivity hack is checking her bank account. And that productivity hack will hopefully lead to the actress accomplishing a massive goal in the future — opening an amusement park.

“If Dolly Parton can do it, Tiffany Haddish can do it,” she explained to WJM. “Every amusement park is attached to a major motion studio. Except for Dollywood, because she has her own studios. When you get enough intellectual property, you can make the rides based off that, i.e. 50 movies.”