Three Black-Founded Startups to Receive Investments in Latest Round of Citi's $200M Impact Fund
Photo Credit: Lori Hoffman / Bloomberg

Three Black-Founded Startups to Receive Investments in Latest Round of Citi's $200M Impact Fund

Abriana Walton

Abriana Walton. Feb 3, 2021.

Citi announced a $200 million Impact Fund dedicated to making equity investments in U.S.-based companies that strive to achieve measurable social and financial outcomes. So far, Citi has donated to 11 women and minority-owned businesses, and each individual investment can reportedly reach up to $10 million. 

The most recent round includes three Black-led startups dedicated to making a positive impact on society, as reported by The Grio.

One of the focus areas of the fund were companies with solutions in financial inclusion. Clerkie, one of the three recipients, is an AI financial planner that helps users escape debt and build credit. It was founded by Guy Assad with the purpose of providing financial literacy and democracy for middle class Americans. The second recipient, Perch is also an app that focuses on solutions in financial inclusion. Founded in 2019 by Michael Broughton, Perch was created as a way for users to build credit through their already recurring expenses such as rent and subscription services. 

In today’s climate, everyone from the novice citizen to professional investors are paying attention to shifts made in the healthcare industry. MedHaul, founded by Erica Plybeah, provides easy and reliable medical transportation that, in the long-term, helps improve the quality of healthcare and reduce costs for vulnerable populations.

“Our intention is to not only help these businesses scale and thrive but to also shine a light on the investment opportunities among this pool of often overlooked, high potential entrepreneurs,” Citi’s head of global public affairs, Ed Skyler, said in a statement.