Mental health is incredibly important, and more and more people are being open and honest about their experiences with their own mental health journeys. TQIntelligence uses data to attempt to address outcome disparities in the treatment of mental health disorders. We know that the treatment of both emotional and behavioral disorders varies depending on our community, upbringing and more. But with data, TQIntelligence hopes to help provide more effective treatment for all.

Psychologist Dr. Yared Alemu, founder and CEO of the startup, has been working with the mental healthcare system for more than a decade, and his experience led him to see the ways that people, especially those living in low-income communities, were underserved.

Alemu told Hypepotamus “The ongoing lack of innovation has contributed to an epidemic of mental health disorders that incapacitated youth from low resource communities.”

But through TQIntelligence, Alemu is able to use a clinically-approved survey to evaluate the provider and patient after treatment. This survey will track the severity and functionality of the patients at hand, and it prevents info about what is or is not working from falling off and being forgotten. The startup was initially funded by Nashville’s JumpStart Foundry fund with $150,000

TQIntelligence is piloting in both an inner city area and a rural setting. They are currently working with around 1,000 patients. They soon plan to roll out a voice analyzation feature that will allow them to identify distress not based on what people are saying but how they are saying it to aid in the treatment plan.