Danielle and Samiah Pasha are the founders of The Beat House Cosmetics, a  beauty brand that the two launched this past Juneteenth.

Not only are they business partners, but this mommy-daughter duo is the mastermind behind a business that Danielle says is teaching her daughter the importance of financial freedom.

We had the opportunity to sit down with both Danielle and Samiah to discuss what it’s like being in business together, their love for makeup, and what’s in store for the line in the future.

Why Danielle Chose Entrepreneurship

Before she became a boss lady, Danielle served in the military as a civilian contractor working in various war zones while deployed in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. She shares how all of the contracting and meeting different people helped her to learn the importance of financial freedom and how there’s not a lot of it in the Black community.

“Not only do I want financial freedom for myself, but I want to pass it along to my children as well,” said Danielle.

Starting A Business With Her Daughter

“It’s been really good,” said Danielle. “She’s [Samiah] a typical teenager, so some days it’s a battle, other days she’s up before me.”

Danielle also shares how Samiah really saved her while she was deployed and couldn’t get her hands on a lot of the business needs from afar. While she was away, her daughter stepped in and filled the shoes as interim CEO.

For Samiyah, she says running and operating the business while her mother was on the other side of the world “wasn’t as difficult as I thought it was going to be.”

“It was almost as if she never left,” said Samiah.

She explained that her mother would call her via FaceTime to help her every single step of the way.

According to Samiah, her favorite part of the whole process is helping her mother come up with the names for different products, which her mother admits keeps her young and up to date on what type of products Samiah’s generation is most interested in.

Values Danielle’s Instilling in Samiah

“One huge thing I’m teaching her is the 80/20 rule where she’s encouraged to save at least 20% of the money she’s making,” said Danielle.

She shares how Samiah not only helps with the business but dabbles in the hair space as well, with various clients of her own.

“Samiah also does hair, so while I do encourage her to treat herself, I also advise her to save a portion of what she makes,” Danielle said.

Another thing Danielle shares is that having her daughter be a part of product development is huge.

“She sees that things don’t just happen overnight,” says Danielle.

Danielle wants to teach Samiah that “life is not always going to go your way, but the important thing is to stick with the process and work hard,” she said. “Everything will turn out how it’s supposed to.”

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