Please explain Snapchat to your granny if she doesn't know what it is. Otherwise, you may end up getting knocked upside your head like this unfortunate soul.

A video of a man using the dog filter on his very black grandma has surfaced on Twitter, and it has us cackling.

The video starts with the snickering grandson, Antwaan, getting his grandma's attention to let her know he's using the dog filter on her face.

The grandmother, who doesn't understand Snapchat, assumes her grandson is using the filter for inappropriate purposes. 

"You're nasty! See, you're nasty," she said. "You see this big ass tongue he got hangin'?"

Antwaan points out the filter on her face, and Nan, as he calls her, wasn't having it. 

"You a damn lie. This b***h got me with a … get that s**t off of me!" she shouts as she proceeds to smack the tar outta him.

Antwaan takes it in stride and laughs through the slap. 

And he wasn't the only one laughing:

Poor Antwaan definitely landed in next Sunday after that slap.