Elementary student Nash Johnson was hoping to purchase an Xbox. So, he found a clever way to apply for a job.

WCNC Charlotte reports Nash had already been saving up the money he received from doing chores. However, he knew his weekly income of $5 wouldn’t be enough to get an Xbox anytime soon.

“He’s like, ‘I can get me more money if I go get me a job, that’s going to get me more money that doing my chores at home, that $5 a week gets me,” his mother, Belinda Johnson, said, according to WCNC Charlotte.

Nash Applies For A Job Without Mother's Knowledge

Nash decided to take matters into his own hands by filling out a job application for a dishwasher position at Drake’s. However, you had to meet the age criteria of being at least 16 years old. So, Nash decided to simply write under the age of 18 on the restaurant’s application.

“It didn’t ask for my actual age and it didn’t ask me when I was born, so I put I was under 18,” Nash told WCNC Charlotte.

Financial Literacy Was Introduced Early On

When Belinda found out that her son had applied for her job, she wasn’t the least bit surprised. In their household, financial literacy was always a hot topic.

“Financial literacy is really important in our household,” Belinda said, according to WCNC Charlotte.

Drake’s kind gesture: Ultimately Nash’s age was discovered, which prevented him from landing the job. However, Drake’s still awarded his determination by inviting him to an orientation. Here, Nash was awarded an Xbox.

“I was, like, shocked, very shocked,” Nash explained to WCNC Charlotte.

Nash is grateful but still wishes he could have kept the job.

“I wish I had the job and the Xbox,” Nash told WCNC Charlotte. “I do have the Xbox but I wish I had the job!”

His mother is proud that her messages centering around hard work are clicking for her son.

“Don’t be afraid to jump out there and go for it. Go get it. You want something go get it,” Belinda explained to WCNC Charlotte.