As Netflix and Hulu dominate the streaming market with original series and classic movies, newcomer VumaTV aims to offer viewers something different — multicultural content that represents the diversity of streaming audiences.

Founder and CEO Alberto Marzan, an award-winning media, technology, and marketing entrepreneur has plans to make the video streaming world more inclusive by giving viewers what they want — diversity.

“Intellect is a universal language—and with VumaTV, we’ve created a streaming experience that is both elevated and inclusive,” Marzan said in a press release.

As more viewers want to see themselves and their culture on their TV screens, VumaTV is dedicated to reaching people from all walks of life.

“Viewers are demanding a more representative media reality and are increasingly interested in streaming content curated from cultures across the globe. Although audiences are more diverse than ever before, traditional media has not kept pace—and for most of the world, it’s not reflective of who they are and how they live in their daily lives. Our goal to change that,” said Marzan.

VumaTV launched today — as the first and only “streaming platform to bridge the gap in media for a truly multicultural audience” — and will feature a culturally curated lineup of films, original series, and shorts from a diverse group of content creators.

VumaTV — whose name is derived from the Zulu language meaning “all together” — will be available for tablets, smart TVs, mobile downloads (iOS & Android), Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and Google.