Talk about double trouble!

It’s not always likely that siblings end up in the same operating room to perform a procedure, but Dr. Charis Chambers and her brother, Dr. Wesley C. Chambers are the exceptions after joining forces to perform a laparoscopic hysterectomy on a patient at their local hospital.

“Getting to do surgery on any day is an amazing experience,” wrote Dr. Charis in an Instagram post. “Getting to do surgery with my brother- even more amazing!”

In an interview with Because of Them We Can (BOTWC), Dr. Charis shares what led to a sibling moment that will forever be ingrained in their hearts.

“This was performed at our local hospital where me, my Dad, and brother are all credentialed surgeons,” said Dr. Charis. “We are all Board Certified OBGYNs.”

Dr. Charis credits her father, Dr. Crandall Chambers, as her inspiration for embarking down the medical field path. The three of them also work together at their family practice, Chambers OBGYN, located in Columbus, GA.

“My father was the first physician that I ever knew and he spoke to us often about his work,” shared Dr. Charis. “I loved how passionate he was about serving his patients and improving their lives with medical or surgical treatment.”

Not only is this a family affair when it comes to being physicians, but the trio also attended HBCUs as well.

Dr. Charis graduated from Spelman in 2010, Dr. Wesley graduated from Morehouse in 2006, and their father, Dr. Crandall graduated from Morehouse in 1983 and Meharry in 1988.