Convenience is key for many businesses to thrive in 2020 due to social distancing measures amid the pandemic. Many people are apprehensive about indulging in everyday public activities while also still craving their favorite sources of entertainment.

This is why Southfield entrepreneur Terence Jackson Jr. came up with an idea to put physical entertainment on wheels through his business Luxury Strike — the first ever fully functional, mobile bowling alley and loft in the world — as described on his website.

According to The Detroit News, Jackson wanted to mimic the same convenient experience of shopping, traveling, and eating — like companies such as Amazon, Uber and Grub Hub provide for their customers — but reinvent it for bowling.

“These companies made life easier for people and created economic growth worldwide, and I wanted in,” said Jackson Jr. to The Detroit News.

The 34-year-old businessman shared that his business model was years in the making before it officially launched on Juneteenth this year.

“It was a difficult process building the bowling alley at certain times, because lumber, certain materials and products weren’t available because of the pandemic but we eventually got it done,” he said.

According to Black Business, Luxury Strike differs from traditional bowling alleys with two lanes that are shorter than average places and smaller bowling balls that weigh about three pounds.

Additionally, the bowling alley also features a scoring system, 500 square-feet of a temperature controlled environment, neon lighting, an 80-inch theater screen, a sky lounge, and a state-of-the-art sound system that guests can connect their devices to through Bluetooth.

Services for Jackson’s alley are available for parties, corporate and church gatherings, small weddings, and private events that accommodate 10-15 people.

According to Luxury Strike’s website, locations that exceed a 30-mile-radius of its Southfield base require an additional fee.

In regards to others trying to pursue their business goals, The Detroit News shared that Jackson encourages those pondering the move to “focus, commit and continue discipline.”

“Don’t be a product of your environment, and make your environment a product of your greatness,” he said.

For more information about Luxury Strike, visit its website.