Come mid-November, streetwear designer Olivia Anthony will release a new collection for Foot Locker Women called “Destined to Liv.”

According to Girls United, the global sneaker brand commissioned the Brooklyn-based Birmingham, Alabama native to be a part of its “Behind Her Label” series, an initiative that celebrates female designers and sheds light on the industry’s gender gap. The other designers in the series include NYC-based artists Amanda Litzinger and Shana Sadeghi-Ray.

“When I first got the email, I was shook,” Anthony told GU about the collaboration.

Long before this new partnership, Anthony founded LIV Streetwear—a brand she launched from her dorm room in 2012, and was heavily inspired by 90’s fashion and the founder of Walker Wear, April Walker. As a result, 90’s-loving celebrities like Kehlani and SZA have been spotted wearing Anthony’s designs.

Now she’s emerging further into the spotlight to promote an upcoming collection filled with bright colors, unique textures, and bold silhouettes, says Foot Locker.

“A lot of people don’t even know that brands they wear are by females, so it’s just a good way to shine light and bring us to the forefront of the industry,” Anthony said in an ad for the campaign.

Stay tuned to Anthony’s and Foot Locker’s socials to get more details on the forthcoming capsule collection.

“My advice for the next generation is ‘never give up,'” says Anthony as last words for up-and-coming designers. “Patience is key.”