Adam Roosevelt adds yet another lofty title to his resume — CEO at 28.

According to Black Enterprise, the Virginia native is a combat veteran having served two tours in Afghanistan and a term in NATO. He is also a politician who ran against and unfortunately lost to Democratic incumbent Alfonso Lopez for the 49th District of the House of Delegates in 2017. Plus, he also served as a contractor in cybersecurity and intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security.

Roosevelt has since turned his sights on environmental health and technologies as he was just chosen to be not only the first CEO but the first Black CEO of SEM North America.

“This business opportunity brings Adam Roosevelt as one of the few African American pioneers of eco-friendly environmental solutions that will disrupt multiple industries around North America and around the globe,” COO and founder Leslie Grant told Black Business.

Founded in 2016, by Grant and John Jones, SEM aims to work with customers in the world’s industrial hubs to revolutionize their water and waste management processes and advance their mission of a zero-waste, circular economy.

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