It’s never too early to learn the trades of the stock market, and this teen expert is living proof.

Christon “The Truth” Jones — a 13-year-old investor and stock market prodigy — is a model example of what it means to invest in your future. He recently amassed $18,000 in just three days teaching adults how to get involved in stocks.

He was able to reach this goal after 36 people signed up for his online course on how to invest in the stock market, according to Black Business.

His original goal was to teach 200 people and earn a profit of $100,000 total, but he was still satisfied with the rewarding outcome.

“It was not even half, but it was still something,” said Jones, as reported by Black Business. “My mother encourages me to never limit myself so I am proud I made an effort. I’m disappointed the ads were rejected but I’m grateful I didn’t give up and utilized the resources I had.”

Jones, according to Black Business, was able to promote his online course “by single-handedly launching a grassroots marketing plan by word of mouth and emails.”

As both a motivational speaker and author, Jones has said he’s focusing his mission on empowering people in his community.

“I believe in owning, not borrowing, and giving people the tools they need to impact the community,” he told Black Business. “We need to know these movements so that our people can be financially savvy and close the wealth gap.”

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