This pair of Texas twins is proof that excellence is embedded in their DNA.

Back in 2010, LaTonya and LaToya Harris graduated high school as valedictorian and salutatorian and they’re about to do it all over again!

According to Because of Them We Can (BOTWC), in December, the two will receive their second master’s in clinical nutrition and their doctorate degrees in chiropractic medicine. Plus, they’re finishing as valedictorian and salutatorian honors for the second time.

Most twins opt out of following the same path, however, the Harris sisters have always stuck together, carving a two-way street of their own.

Upon completing high school, the two continued their academic careers together, heading to the same college, sharing a dorm room, and ultimately receiving their bachelor’s and master’s in sports management from UT Austin before heading to Parker University.

“We don’t recall a time when we haven’t like the same things,” said the twins in an interview with BOTWC. “Our parents always left the decision up to us. They always wanted us to do what we wanted, and they never forced us to do anything the same. We both agree that we wouldn’t change anything about our journey because we understand that God planned it to happen exactly as it has, even if we didn’t.”

Their mother, Gail Harris, took to social media to sing her and her husband’s praises about their daughters.

“We are honored to be their parents,” she wrote.

Although they ended up choosing the same schools, the twins say that wasn’t necessarily their intention. Their decision was based on the suggestion of a mentor. However, they knew they would be okay whether they were together or apart. With few schools offering degrees in chiropractic medicine, the two decided on the same school.

For them, the best thing about it all is the love and support they receive from one another.

“Your best friend gets to come to work with you every day,” said the sisters. “We are more efficient because we already know what each other is thinking. We can just look at each other and know what needs to be said or done next. We make one another so much better.”

Congratulations to LaToya and LaTonya Harris on all of their accomplishments!