Four Hampton University students have launched Generators Incorporated, a company that aims to address gentrification and issues related to energy efficiency through repurposed NASA technology.

The team—comprised of three alumni and one current student—developed the plan to innovate the collection of solar energy after their professor, Dr. Oliver Jones chose them to compete in the Technology Implementation Market Engine (T.I.M.E.) Challenge hosted by the Institute for Local Innovations.

The T.I.M.E. Challenge is a competition for students to develop new ways to use NASA technology.

“Representing Hampton University has taken me places I’ve never been. I never expected to represent Hampton through the T.I.M.E. Challenge or anything else I’ve done,” said Peter Odegami, CFO of Generator, Inc. in a news release.

The four students presented in front of a panel at T.I.M.E. Challenge where they gained support and attention around their idea to use advanced technology on islands that suffered from hurricane damages. Their product is estimated to be ready in about a year.

“Though there are yet many steps to take to become a successful company, I believe in the mission of Generators Inc.,” said Miriam Mitaishvili, COO of Generator, Inc. “I am sure that people will soon learn about us, as a company that continually brings a positive change to the world.”