Creators can now reward their most loyal fans thanks to the newest social platform on the block.

Founders Denis Asamoah and Jay Cheng are the masterminds behind Buzzup, a platform that provides an alternative medium for creatives to connect with their most loyal followers.

The gateway is timely as many creatives rely on monetized content for revenue. However, engagement and visibility can oftentimes be disrupted due to algorithms. The reality can become challenging and discouraging for some, but the platform hopes to change this fate as it strays away from the widely used advertisement model.

“There needs to be a better world for creators that traditional legacy and social media platforms won’t build for creators because they cater to advertisers,” Asamoah told AfroTech. “They don’t treat creators as partners. You can see the revenues, the billions made, and how much they proportion up to creators. Ultimately, we’re saying to creators, ‘You’re adding so much value to these social platforms and you deserve more.'”

Cheng added: “There is a conflict of interest with ad-based models and sponsored brand deals. The users of that model are forced to watch ads which some are being used to propagate fake news and bad information. Not only is the ad model conflicting and competitive for creators — it’s also full of friction and potentially dangerous for the user.”


Creators can now look to Buzzup for new ways to revitalize their engagement and can also encourage supporters to register on the platform. By default, they will have access to metrics such as likes and comments through their Creator Dashboard. Here creatives can determine which followers are generating the most buzz!

“We want to be a tool to help users be grounded with their audience while incentivizing and rewarding the support they’re already getting and the support that they will get in the future,” Cheng said.

Creatives will have opportunities to create personalized experiences for fans contingent upon their Leaderboard or Level. The higher the score for fans, the more benefits they can secure with their favorite influencer such as live streams and virtual meetings, among other exclusive gated content. Buzzup plans to integrate its reward systems by mid-year.

For now, creators will receive a Creator Card to show off their top supporters across social platforms. The move will fuel fans to continue leveling up their Buzz Score through social actions. Buzzup currently offers three cards: Top Commenter, Top Liker, and Top Supporter.


As Buzzup looks ahead, the founders confirmed to AfroTech that monetization will be shared with creators by the third quarter in 2022.

Creators can expect to receive 90 percent of the monetization from the buzz created. Unlike traditional advertisement models, the founders aim for creators to have an equal playing field.

“We will democratize the creator economy because we are allowing creators to monetize no matter what their following size is. In major platforms today, you have to have a pretty sizable following to earn income or make a living. However, in a microtransaction model, you can have a small following and still earn some income,” Cheng said.

Buzzup is ready to welcome creators and fans to its world of possibilities. You can sign up here.