Going to the gym can be just as much of a physical challenge as it is a mental one. With GrpFit, users can join a community of people looking to hit fitness and health goals.

The platform combines elements of community, encouragement and workout sessions to help users meet their health goals.

According to the Center for Disease Control, heart disease and stroke were ranked first and third as the leading causes of death in African American in 2015.

Co-Founders Richard Bailey and Chris Ketant each used their love for fitness and software engineering to bring GrpFit to life in 2017. Founded in Oakland, C.A., GrpFit has expanded and moved to Los Angeles.

Photo: GrpFit

Users can use GrpFit’s Fitness Feed to post images of their journey, their meals or any other inspirational content. The platform also lets users explore workout routines and read up on blog posts centered around health and dieting.

“The vision for GrpFit starts and ends with making our community healthier,” GrpFit said in a post on Twitter. “We want to provide a safe, encouraging platform for people of all fitness levels to learn, share, motivate and inspire each other to become healthier without the misconceptions and gimmicks.”

Richard Bailey and Chris Ketant will be participating in the AfroTech Cup Pitch Competition. Check out the live stream starting at 2 o’clock to see them and other founders pitch their ideas.