Today, The Wing and Time’s Up announced their official partnership, as reported by Fast Company. The two organizations joining forces makes a lot of sense, because both aim to center women in their own ways.

With the new partnership, the two organizations will work on supporting each other. That includes hosting events and programming together and The Wing will provide regular meeting space to Time’s Up. In addition, Fast Company reported that The Wing is giving Time’s Up a “charitable gift of stock.”

Women have continued to face systemic issues in the workplace, such as the notorious pay gap. There’s also other issues, though, like how widespread sexual harassment is in for women in the workplace.

These factors can make work feel unsafe and limit women’s ability to thrive, but organizations like The Wing and Time’s Up are setting out to confront them.

The Wing co-founder and CEO Audrey Gelman said, according to Fast Company, “Both Time’s Up and The Wing believe that all women, across all industries and backgrounds, deserve safety, fairness, and dignity as they work and as we all shift the paradigm of workplace culture.”

The Wing was founded in 2016 to act as a sort of social club for women, where they could network, find community spaces, and feel empowered. Time’s Up was founded in 2018 to address systemic inequalities and injustices in the workplace.

This feels like a really natural partnership and it’s sure to help both organizations further amplify the work that they do. By bringing their networks together, the two organizations will definitely create a much stronger base.