Black people are killed by the police for just being Black—while running, walking, wearing a hoodie, standing on a corner, and watching TV at home. In particular, Black people can be shot by the authorities for reaching for their ID during a traffic stop.

Motivated by this traumatizing reality, 18-year-old Loyola University student, David Price, invented The Safety Pouch, a vehicle document and ID holder. The brilliant invention clips onto the driver’s side window to limit movement, make all documents easily accessible and allow for a safer exchange with the police.

According to the website, the pouch comes in fluorescent orange for high visibility. When the convenient organizer is not in use, it can be clipped to the sun visor or stored anywhere in the car.

While The Safety Pouch is a brilliant invention, it’s disheartening to know that Black men and women are forced to take extra steps to ensure their safety in light of the nonstop injustices our communities face. Some reactions to the product reflect this sentiment and suggest that fear of police during a traffic stop will still exist.

Nevertheless, Price’s creation is smart and may help Black men and women get home alive.

The Safety Pouch is currently on sale for $19.99.