Unity is a message people are emphasizing now more than ever as we fight against racial injustice in America.

Lawyer and entrepreneur LeTonya F. Moore rallied online with 100 Black women lawyers to continue conversations about inequity, racism, discrimination, and other challenges Black women in the legal field experience.

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Posted by LeTonya Moore on Monday, May 25, 2020

Moore, an award-winning entrepreneur and former federal government attorney, created the Order in the Court Forum to provide a safe space for women in her field to facilitate discussions and understand how the way they’re perceived results in negative stereotypes and economic disenfranchisement.

“Understanding the true value of having an environment where we can experience real support, guidance, an opportunity for self-expression, and a judgment-free zone is crucial,” said Moore according to Black News. “I am passionate about making sure that we and other professionals have access to mentorship and a supportive network that will lead to economic empowerment.”

Black News stated the main purpose of the online forum is to celebrate the true essence of what it means to be a Black woman attorney: “intelligent, powerful, wise, nurturing, and strong.”

Moore’s goal for the forum is to dispel the negative ideas surrounding Black women in powerful positions and change the narrative by demonstrating solidarity.

“The scrutiny for women, in general, is already high and it is even more scathing for Black women. We are characterized as ‘angry,’ ‘domineering,’ ‘ghetto,’ ‘loud,’ ‘hard to work with,’ ’emasculating,’ ‘competitive,’ or ‘pushy,’” said Moore.

According to Black News, Black women lawyers have a long history of being disadvantaged, ostracized, and receiving little support and mentorship in almost all sectors of the legal field.

The biggest takeaway for the Order in the Court Forum is Black women being able to have honest conversations about the experiences that trouble them in their professional lives and having the support of their peers to lean on.

“The biggest outcome from the forum was that this conversation was a long time coming and viewers enjoyed seeing women, especially Black women come together. This is a clear indication that more is needed to be done,” Moore shared.

To join the Order in the Court Forum Network, visit https://bit.ly/OrderintheCourtForum.