By now, most people know about the world-famous Instagram egg, but if you don’t here’s a quick primer:

In January, an Instagram account featuring one, lonely egg, popped up on the platform, urging people to come together to break the record for the most liked post on Instagram, a title held by Kylie Jenner at the time. The account’s first post, a picture of an egg, went on to amass over 52 million likes. The record before was 19 million.

Now we’ve reached the next phase in the Instagram egg’s ascension. The creator of the account–an advertiser from London–teamed up with Hulu this weekend to launch an ad for the Super Bowl. In it, the egg has gone from a still picture to a lively animation spreading the word about mental health awareness.

Eugene–yes, the egg has a name, according to its creator–talks about how the fame and pressure of being social media famous have really started to take a toll.

The ad ends with a link that has information on mental health resources in different countries.

It’s no secret that tech addiction has increased over the past several years and there have been numerous studies on the negative impact social media has on people’s mental health.

We don’t know exactly how much Hulu paid to have the egg featured in a commercial. The Atlantic’s Taylor Lorenz says working with the account could be worth around $10 million, but one of the people who work on the account said that number is “greatly exaggerated.”

The next cause the egg will get behind is unknown, and the team who manages the account has yet to share any details. Although it is said that audiences should expect more now that the account has grown to 10 million followers. The value of having a platform that reaches millions of people is too much of an opportunity for marketers to pass up on.